The Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum  is a darker , bolder spiced rum , crafted with black strap rum for a delicously smooth finsh. Enjoy the great taste of this spiced on the rocks or in one of our many classic cocktails.It doesn’t break down the sources of Caribbean rum it uses, but we know it’s a blackstrap molasses-based rum with clove, cassia bark, and vanilla with other spices and flavors added in. At 94.6 proof Captain Morgan Black is at a higher proof than the standard Captain Morgan’s, which weighs in at 70 proof. This extra proof gives Captain Morgan Black a much stronger flavor delivery and it helps it hold up much better in cocktails.

The nose on Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is soft vanilla, reminiscent of vanilla extract, with a hint of underlining spice and oak. You wouldn’t guess that this rum is over 90 proof by smelling it, as the nose is entirely vapor-free. The entry is fairly soft and easy vanilla but the spice jumps right in moments after it hits your palate. Clove spice mingles with the vanilla and brown sugar along with clear oak notes. Things begin to really take off in the midpalate where the clove and oak spice build and the bitterness of the cassia bark is added to the mix. At the end of the midpalate the heat enters the picture and reminds us that, indeed, this is a higher proof spirit.


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